Our Brands

Grubb by JMart

Grubb is a sister brand of JMart, started with the sole vision of providing customers with all round satisfaction. Grubb- as the name signifies- is a place that helps curb your hunger by providing you with fresh and healthy meals-on-the-go. The ready-to-eat products under Grubb concept are available at every JMart store. We ensure freshness, hygiene and healthy eating for the customers.

Varun Beverages Ltd

Varun Beverages is a story of partnering with the best, attaining the highest standards, and then scaling it up to leadership status. Varun Beverages Ltd manufactures and markets Pepsi's brands of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks and packaged drinking water. With more than a third of Pepsi's business in India, Varun Beverages is Pepsi's largest bottling partner and a key contributor to JMart's success in India. On the international front, Varun Beverages continues to remain Pepsi Co's preferred franchisee partner in Nepal and Sri Lanka; and it is leveraging its domain expertise and years of experience to rapidly expand and enrich its bottling operations in Africa – in emerging markets like Mozambique, Zambia & Morocco.

Devyani Foods Industries Ltd.

In 2003, RJ Corp's venture, in technical collaboration with the French dairy major Candia marked the arrival of Cream bell Ice Cream in India. Cream bell has since pioneered many new flavors, with over 25 rich blends of exotic international and traditional Indian flavors, packaged using the internationally renowned IML process. Today, Cream bell is one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in the country and is amongst the top five players. Currently, Cream bell enjoys more than 15% of the market share in the organized sector, and has a national footprint across 16 Indian states and several neighboring nations. Cream bell's aggressive marketing strategy and extensive distribution network is helping the brand to reach every nook and corner of the territory where it operates.

Devyani International Ltd.

Devyani International has brought two world renowned food brands to India - Pizza Hut and KFC. Devyani International is the key licensee in India. The company owns and operates more than 100 outlets of Pizza Hut and KFC in India, Nepal and Nigeria. Recently, the brand Vaango, a South Indian cuisine based fast food restaurant was launched in India under the company. Devyani International also brought a fresh whiff of coffee aroma into the country through their retail venture Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee has established over 80 outlets pan India. A clear mission and an even clearer methodology are the cornerstone of the company's success.